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Shellfire VPN може и да не е измежду най-известните VPN услуги, но със своите 50 сървъра по цялото кълбо, предлагайки 1 устройства за лиценз, може да решите да ги изберете. Shellfire VPN се класират 4.7 заради цените си, които започват от $ 4.25/месец

Dec 28, 2018
Shellfire VPN Потребителски рецензии
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Good VPN service, works well for me

Amazon and Netflix both work for me, no problems here. Torrents are blocked on some servers indeed but support was able to direct me to a server that allows torrents.

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Знаехте ли? Ние одобряваме всички потребителски рецензии. Фирмите не могат да си платят, за да включим или изключим такива.

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Shellfire should be fired!

Why can't I award ZERO-STARS? I completely agree with the 1-Star poster. Their VPN doesn't allow the purchaser to access Amazon Prime or Netflix. I realize that that is an on-going problem with many VPN providers, but Shellfire doesn't even care. They answered most of my original e-mails on the subject. Now, nothing. i suspect they have my e-mails sent directly to their spam. That being said, their Shellfire box has worked for me, most of the time. The problem is that right now, it works only with their VPN service which suXX.

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    shellfire is a load of rubbish, I bought it to unblock my internet, which is what it sells its self for. it blocks all traffic with keywords in it like anything with the word torrent in it, I have legitimate usage of torrents for secure sharing within our company, for legitimate sharing of company documents. not to mention loads of other keywords, even if the site has nothing to do with the name associated, this device blocks more than my ISP. I paid a pro licence for three devices, I have email them several times, which the don't even bother to acknowledge your request. do not part with your hard earned cash with this load of tripe.

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      Проверете водещите 3 алтернативни VPN

      Опции Детайли
      Брой страни със сървъри 31
      Брой сървъри 50
      Брой IP адреси 200
      Пази ли VPN доставчика записи? Не
      VPN услугата включва ли авариен прекъсвач? Не
      Брой устройства за лиценз 1
      Ценообразуване 4.7 / 5.0
      24 Months
      $ 4.25 /месец
      12 Months
      $ 5.68 /месец
      1 Month
      $ 8.96/месец

      Shellfire offers a choice of 3 different services. The free option offers the most common OpenVPN protocol, with a low level of encryption, it allows access to servers in the US and Germany but cannot access any streaming sites – it also has pop-up ads. Premium and Premium plus both require a paid subscription but do not have any ads, they do have unlimited speed and bandwidth plus a selection of additional features, such as the option to use streaming sites and higher levels of security and encryption. Shellfire products can be used on Windows, Mac OS X and Android, but the paid options can also be used on iOS, Linux and DD-WRT routers. Subscriptions are available for either 1, 3 or 12 months, with each offering a 14 day money back guarantee.

      Подробна експертна рецензия
      Гай Фоукс
      (Анонимни експерти по киберсигурността)

      Рецензията за тази подкатегория на VPN не е налична все още за този VPN доставчик. Ако смятате, че те предлагат добро решение, моля добавете вашата рецензия като потребител и ние ще ви последваме с подробна експертна рецензия.

      Гаранция за връщане на парите (дни): 14
      Мобилно приложение:
      Брой устройства за лиценз: 1
      VPN планове:
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