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CyberGhost е една от най-добрите VPN услуги на пазара. Със специален пакет на достъпна цена, не е чудно, че това е една от най-добрите VPN услуги на сайта ни. CyberGhost е VPN услуга, която ви позволява достъп до пълната библиотека на Netflix и заобикаля Великата китайска защитна стена. Благодарение на бързите им ск...

Apr 24, 2018
CyberGhost VPN Потребителски рецензии

В момента няма налични рецензии за CyberGhost VPN, ако сте ползвали техните услуги, моля, използвайте възможността да сте първите, които ще напишат рецензия!

Jeevan Sanghera
Apr 24, 2018
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Purchased it for iplayer and iplayer doesn't work

Robbed. Since purchasing it, iplayer has not worked and they can not fix it. Customer support have not been helpful at all. Haven't kept me up to date. Overall the service and customer service is extremely poor.

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Знаехте ли? Ние одобряваме всички потребителски рецензии. Фирмите не могат да си платят, за да включим или изключим такива.

Xavier Xerxes
Apr 21, 2018
  •  2
No P2P on US Servers

CyberGhost looks really good from an evaluation of features perspective but it wasn't until I did the 7-day trial that I found that though it does permit P2P many places, it's prohibited on US servers, ugh. I tried the nearest Canadian server about 600-mi away and my normal 170Mbps speed was a pitiful 16M with the VPN to Canada. That's just not going to cut it. Next...

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Apr 18, 2018
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Absolutely unhelpful support -waste of time.

Though the service itself is alright,I must clearly mention that support is absolutely unhelpful. Lost my PWD and couldn't restore it at all. Where is that PUK u asked for? I don't even know what the "PUK" is! Where I must get it?! Couldn't restore my PWD even with my email.

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