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Le VPN може и да не е измежду най-известните VPN услуги, но със своите 800 сървъра по цялото кълбо, предлагайки 5 устройства за лиценз, може да решите да ги изберете. Le VPN се класират 3.8 заради цените си, които започват от $ 4.95/месец

Mar 7, 2019
Le VPN Потребителски рецензии
мар. 1, 2019
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Like others I was a long term client of MPN which was always great. Since the takeover by Le VPN I have been without any service. Basically I have been unable to connect. Their response to complaints is very slow, and I have tried downloading so many files, none of which work. Compared to MPN which was simple, easy to use and highly response, Le VPN is rubbish.

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Знаехте ли? Ние одобряваме всички потребителски рецензии. Фирмите не могат да си платят, за да включим или изключим такива.

    мар. 7, 2019
    I would grade LeVPN as being worse than useless

    MPN was a superb VPN provider, I started as they started more than 10 years ago and for the past 5 years or more used their SmartDNS which gave me a trouble free operation. I had expected with their sell out to LeVPN that they would have expected that company to be at least equal in quality and performance as they were. How wrong they were. Having spent six weeks trying to get LeVPN DNS to work properly with the appalling slow reply speed and with their support staff condescendingly offering apologies and advice that with all the past experience I have had with VPN/DNS was nonsense. Then finally just simply not answering an open ticket was the final straw. From the reviews here and other sites it can be seen so many of the MPN faithful have fallen foul of LeVPN as I. Don’t expect any refund of payment if you leave because they will bury their heads in the sand as they do with open tickets they are bored with.

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      мар. 6, 2019
      Very poor

      I agree, MPN was great, I was a subscriber for 6 years. Now I can't access anything. When I e-mail the responses come across very rude. I'm gutted my subscription was automatically renewed in January.

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        мар. 3, 2019
        Works as well as MPN so far

        Migration was easy; there is a MPN file that configures Le VPN like MPN. Alternatively, uninstall MPN stuff and install the Le VPN file. This works well and has a dynamic method of automatically choosing the connection protocol. The software falters on two of my PCs and I have to use the MPN configuration tool. The Le VPN advice on getting round this seems rather complex and I avoided it. The major difference to me seems to be a limited number of IP addresses such that if this is excluded by the content provider, you cannot change the IP like you can with MPN to get round it instantly. Luckily for me, the subscription runs out next month so that it is currently on test mode for the TV sites I go to. If LeVPN is smart, they should adopt the many IP strategy available to MPN users.

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        февр. 22, 2019
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        Client VPN software old and out-dated

        Poor connectivity and reliability. Latest LeVPN setup installed on my PC uses OpenVPN version 2.3.14 (released Dec 2016). Latest version of OpenVPN is 2.4.7 (Feb 2019). Many bugs fixed in 2-years! From my personal experiences and frustrations with LeVPN I do not recommend it.

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          февр. 12, 2019
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          No internet when Le VPN connected on either laptop or Macbook Air since changing from My private network the service and ticket response has been poor

          Subscribed to My Private network who unfortunately have been taken over by this mob and I have had to migrate from MPN to Le Vpn Since then, multiple issues, primarily can`t connect to the internet at all on either laptop or Macbook Air. Raised a ticket with Le Vpn no response as yet. When I do connect to the internet when no VPN connected my speed is 100/30 when VPN connected this falls to 7/5 Previously MPN responded almost immediately and their agents were superbly proacative and helpful. A backward step considering asking for a refund and trying another VPN service

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          Проверете водещите 3 алтернативни VPN

          Опции Описание
          Брой сървърни локации (държави) 114
          Брой сървъри 800
          Тази VPN услуга пази ли записи на активността? Не
          Включва авариен прекъсвач Да
          Устройства за лиценз 5
          Ценообразуване 3.8 / 5.0
          1-Year Plan
          $ 4.95 /месец
          6-Month Plan
          $ 7.50 /месец
          1-Month Plan
          $ 9.95/месец

          Le VPN offers a 7-day money back guarantee on its service. The service allows you to pay for either 1, 6 or 12 months at a time, with longer subscriptions offering bigger savings – other than price and duration, each option is identical.

          Подробна експертна рецензия
          Алекс (Shurf) Френкел
          (Бивш хакер и технологичен изследовател )

          Рецензията за тази подкатегория на VPN не е налична все още за този VPN доставчик. Ако смятате, че те предлагат добро решение, моля добавете вашата рецензия като потребител и ние ще ви последваме с подробна експертна рецензия.

          Гарантирано връщане на парите (дни): 7
          Мобилно приложение:
          Устройства за лиценз: 5
          VPN планове: www.levpn.com
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