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F-Secure Freedome може и да не е измежду най-известните VPN услуги, но със своите 27 сървъра по цялото кълбо, предлагайки 7 устройства за лиценз, може да решите да ги изберете. F-Secure Freedome се класират 4.1 заради цените си, които започват от $ 4.17/месец

Jan 27, 2019
F-Secure Freedome Потребителски рецензии
Ken Cole
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Freedome works great! RECOMMEND

I have used F-Secure Freedome for over a year and have been very satisfied. I feel protected and confident of security when I am using high risk public access with Freedome. I just learned that the most current version of Freedome now provides a kill switch which has often been the most prominent criticism in earlier reviews of the program! This is great and much appreciated. It runs equally well on my Mac and my PC. It is on my wife's iPad and is so seamless that she doesn't know it is there.

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    Kill Switch Now Included

    Freedome version 2.18.5493.0 now comes with a kill switch available in 'Settings'. It isn't enabled automatically but is dead easy to set. I've been using Freedome along with F-Secure internet security for about 4 years (after troubles with AVG). At first, I was having trouble with dropouts fairly frequently but I now believe that was due to my ISP as my new ISP seems to enable Freedome to run continuously with very rare down time. From as much as I can gather by browsing many reviews, F-Secure - which runs Freedome - are genuinely committed to protecting our privacy.

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      Freedom for all

      This highly underrated app has been polished so well over the years. It comes with a lite antivirus version and an app protector delivered within the package. The only downside i can see is that it might be too simple actually. People like me who want to see which sites were actually blocked for what reason, out of curiosity, will be disappointed. But I trust F-secure for doing so nevertheless.

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        Проверете водещите 3 алтернативни VPN

        Опции Описание
        Брой сървърни локации (държави) 18
        Брой сървъри 27
        Тази VPN услуга пази ли записи на активността? Да
        Включва авариен прекъсвач Не
        Устройства за лиценз 7
        Ценообразуване 4.1 / 5.0
        7 Devices
        $ 6.67 /месец
        5 Devices
        $ 5.00 /месец
        3 Devices
        $ 4.17/месец
        Подробна експертна рецензия
        Гай Фоукс
        (Анонимни експерти по киберсигурността)

        Рецензията за тази подкатегория на VPN не е налична все още за този VPN доставчик. Ако смятате, че те предлагат добро решение, моля добавете вашата рецензия като потребител и ние ще ви последваме с подробна експертна рецензия.

        Гарантирано връщане на парите (дни): 30
        Мобилно приложение:
        Устройства за лиценз: 7
        VPN планове: www.f-secure.com
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