EarthVPN Mнения 2021 – Какво трябва да знаете

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Все още не е наличен преглед на тази VPN услуга. Ако искате да споделите собствения си опит с този VPN доставчик, моля, добавете своя отзив като потребител. Скоро ще предоставим подробен експертен преглед, както правим с най-високо класираните VPN услуги като ExpressVPN и NordVPN. Можете също да разгледате най-високо оценените от нас VPN услуги за 2021.

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$3.33 /месец
1-месечен план
$3.99 /месец

EarthVPN offers subscriptions for either 1 or 12 months, they provide the same service with the only difference being the price. A 7 day money back guarantee is offered if you are not happy with the service. In addition to the features offered in its plans, EarthVPN also have several extra features that can be obtained for an additional fee, these include a mobile VPN account and port forwarding.

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EarthVPN Потребителски рецензии

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Peter H
The only part that isn't dead is the billing emails - 2
Peter H

I've been with them since 2015. Over the last few years their service has been suffering. Now emails to them are bouncing back because their email is full. Nobody is active in this company. Don't give them a cent of your money. If you have recently purchased a subscription, try to get your money back through your payment provider as earthVPN have been MIA for several months. Users can no longer log into their website. If you're getting overdue account emails, just send them to spam. Keep any correspondence you've made with them in attempt to get subscriptions cancelled.

This is scam - 2

The site is working, but the vpn servers are not working. But the bills are regularly sent to the mail. No one responds to tickets. A fake service that only works for payments. Be careful, do not pay there.

Out of Business? - 2

Found your website from YouTube VPN reviews, decided to go ahead and try EarthVPN based on this review. Paid the $39.99 for the annual plan and none of the VPNs work. I have tried and tried all week and none of the servers are working at all. Support isn't answering and it seems like the VPN is out of business. Since I used bitcoin my money is lost. Please update this review, so others do not end up like me.

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