EarthVPN рецензия 2019 – Какво трябва да знаете
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EarthVPN може и да не е измежду най-известните VPN услуги, но със своите 400 сървъра по цялото кълбо, предлагайки 3 устройства за лиценз, може да решите да ги изберете. EarthVPN се класират 4.5 заради цените си, които започват от $ 3.33/месец

Feb 26, 2019
EarthVPN Потребителски рецензии
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They will not let you cancel

Vpn never used it.. payed 2 years.. cancelled last year.. ticket is still open and now they are trying to let me pay for the third year.. watch out for these guys.

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Знаехте ли? Ние одобряваме всички потребителски рецензии. Фирмите не могат да си платят, за да включим или изключим такива.

    Aussie Dave
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    Slow Servers for Australia

    Joined Earth VPN about four years ago, and set up my Tomato USB Router to work with the service. Support was fantastic, they talked me through the Router set-up - it took a while but worked a treat. In the last six months though speeds across multiple P2P and basic servers had become almost unbearable. 0.1Mbs was our connection speed. Our local connection speed is 48Mbs. Tried multiple servers. No change. Finally after years with Earth VPN, we've moved to NordVPN. Speeds are now at 40Mbs and we're as secure as ever.

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      Don't pay for it, it wont give you a refund

      As noted by above reviewers, I too signed up for this VPN service. After following the instructions but having no luck, I opened a support ticket. Several days later, I got an email saying the ticket was being closed as I hadn’t responded! There was nothing to respond to!! Tried another support ticket with same result. Third ticket I opened was to cancel the service.

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        Проверете водещите 3 алтернативни VPN

        Опции Детайли
        Брой страни със сървъри 54
        Брой сървъри 400
        Брой IP адреси 3000
        Пази ли VPN доставчика записи? Частично
        VPN услугата включва ли авариен прекъсвач? Да
        Брой устройства за лиценз 3
        Ценообразуване 4.5 / 5.0
        $ 3.33 /месец
        1-Month Plan
        $ 3.99 /месец

        EarthVPN offers subscriptions for either 1 or 12 months, they provide the same service with the only difference being the price. A 7 day money back guarantee is offered if you are not happy with the service. In addition to the features offered in its plans, EarthVPN also have several extra features that can be obtained for an additional fee, these include a mobile VPN account and port forwarding.

        Подробна експертна рецензия
        Ран Грийнбърг
        (New-Media и онлайн експерт, капиталист, авантюрист и инвеститор)

        Рецензията за тази подкатегория на VPN не е налична все още за този VPN доставчик. Ако смятате, че те предлагат добро решение, моля добавете вашата рецензия като потребител и ние ще ви последваме с подробна експертна рецензия.

        Гаранция за връщане на парите (дни): 7
        Мобилно приложение:
        Брой устройства за лиценз: 3
        VPN планове:
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