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vpnMentor съдържа написани от рецензенти от нашата общност отзиви, които са базирани на направеното от последните независимo и професионалнo проучване на продуктите/услугите.

• Собственост

vpnMentor е собственост на Kape Technologies PLC, която притежава следните продукти: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, ZenMate, Private Internet Access и Intego, отзиви за които могат да бъдат публикувани на този уебсайт.

• Партньорски комисиони

Докато vpnMentor може да получава комисионни, при покупка през някоя от нашите връзки, това не оказва влияние върху съдържанието на прегледите или върху рецензираните продукти/услуги. Предоставяме директни връзки за закупуване на продукти, които са част от партньорски програми.

• Насоки за прегледите

Отзивите, публикувани на vpnMentor, са написани от експерти, които проучват продуктите съгласно строгите ни стандарти за преглед. Тези стандарти гарантират, че всеки преглед се основава на независимия, професионален и честен преглед на рецензента и отчита техническите възможности и качества на продукта, заедно с търговската му стойност за потребителите, което може също да повлияе на класирането на продукта на уебсайта.

CryptoStorm VPN Mнения 2022 – Какво трябва да знаете

Димо Георгиев
Димо Георгиев | Техно ентусиаст
Oбновена на 08.11.2021

Все още не е наличен преглед на тази VPN услуга. Ако искате да споделите собствения си опит с този VPN доставчик, моля, добавете своя отзив като потребител. Скоро ще предоставим подробен експертен преглед, както правим с най-високо класираните VPN услуги като ExpressVPN и CyberGhost. Можете също да разгледате най-високо оценените от нас VPN услуги за 2022.

Опции на CryptoStorm — обновени към януари 2022

💸 Цена $4.33/месец
📝 Пази ли VPN доставчика записи? Не
🖥 Брой сървъри 60
💻 Брой устройства за лиценз 6
🛡 Авариен прекъсвач Да

Сравнете CryptoStorm с водещите алтернативни VPN услуги

Гаранция за връщане на парите (дни) : 0
Мобилно приложение : Y
Брой устройства за лиценз : 6
VPN планове: www.cryptostorm.is

CryptoStorm Потребителски рецензии

На базата на 19 рецензии на 2 езици
Too much hassle for no advantages - 2

Dear cryptostorm, I bought your service and regretted doing it very very much, what I found particularly annoying is first of all your app, or "widget" as you call it. It is pathetic not because it has windows 98 graphics, which is perfectly fine and preferable to bloaty and fancy new designs, but because it doesn't work well, it freezes, it doesn't display clearly if you're connected or not, or if the connection drops, you can't change server without first disconnecting, overall it doesn't make the user feel sure and well aware about what is going on and whether the connection is on or off which I found that by changing server you are unprotected. Your kill switch doesn't look safe as there is no way to tell if it actually works. Anytime your app starts it asks for permission (UAC prompt) and options seem to not stay selected and the app keeps asking about the killswitch settings. Many websites are not reachable while using your vpn but they are reachable even with tor, so it is really a problem for your vpn. It is too much hassle to set up your app and also the alternative apps available (wireguard), and after having done it there are absolutely no advantages in using your vpn. I just wish you to improve first of all your app and your service which isn't cheaper than others. I just lost my money buying your service.

Good service in the past, but now appears to be going downhill - 6

As much as I like Cryptostorm's service, I simply cannot escape the feeling that their service has begun a downhill slide. Technical support appears to be virtually non-existent at present. Encrypted emails sent to their support address are never answered. Their SSL certificate for Cryptostorm.ch expired on: 2020-05-10 -- some 2-1/2 weeks later, it still has not been renewed. Given that the cryptostorm.ch site houses the Cryptostorm forum, this means that this and other services relying on this domain are inaccessible. I seem to recall that the Administrator of the Forum went MIA in January, 2020. It was first stated that they would return by the end of March, and I seem to recall that this was later extended to the end of May, 2020. This person is apparently responsible for the administration of the cryptostorm.nu domain -- all services relying on that domain are inaccessible. This includes the token-checker. To be fair, given that the token-checker service is inaccessible, all tokens, regardless of validity, are still being accepted.

Joanna Gil
CS is my VPN of choice - 10
Joanna Gil

I have been a subscriber to CryptoStorm service for a couple of years now, and I don't have a single bad word to say about it. The privacy is paramount, and CryptoStorm delivers. The setup is easy (minus the advanced techie level help section/instructions - definitely too much for a regular user), the token simple to swap, and the application runs seamlessly and reliably. The subscription to token(s) is very reasonably priced considering the level of privacy the user gets, which the company takes very seriously. As a retired IT and a former guest writer for About.com, I have tested many VPNs, but always came back to CryptoStorm. It is simply the best in my opinion.

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