BulletVPN рецензия 2020 – Какво трябва да знаете

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Все още не е наличен преглед на тази VPN услуга. Ако искате да споделите собствения си опит с този VPN доставчик, моля, добавете своя отзив като потребител. Скоро ще предоставим подробен експертен преглед, както правим с най-високо класираните VPN услуги като ExpressVPN и NordVPN. Можете също да разгледате най-високо оценените от нас VPN услуги за 2020.

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Брой страни със сървъри 31
Брой сървъри 70
Брой IP адреси 70
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VPN услугата включва ли авариен прекъсвач? Не
Брой устройства за лиценз 3
Гаранция за връщане на парите (дни) : 30
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Брой устройства за лиценз : 3
VPN планове: www.bulletvpn.com
BulletVPN Потребителски рецензии
февр. 10, 2020
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Needs some work!

There's no notifications letting the user know the connection status. Not in Android (notification bar), and not in Windows (task tray). To find out, you need to either open the app or open up a browser that tells your IP (and see if it's different than what it actually is). Also, on windows startup, you have to manually launch the program, login, then connect. The "automatically connect" feature only works AFTER you login in after opening the program. Talk about all the pros you want, but until these basic things that are standard in any other VPN I've tried to get it fixed, I would NOT recommend BulletVPN at all.

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Знаехте ли? Ние одобряваме всички потребителски рецензии. Фирмите не могат да си платят, за да включим или изключим такива.

    Elie Azar
    ян. 28, 2020
    •  5
    Works for BBC from Switzerland

    I have been using Expressvpn for 4 years for BBC . Since around 3 weeks ExpressVPN stopped working for BBC. I am now trying NordVPN and BilletVPN. I did not choose what VPN to move on with . Thank you for the review of both NordVPN and BulletVPN. NordVPN has a bigger network but the app for BulletVPN is easiest to use as said in the review.

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      Martin Alameh
      ян. 7, 2020
      •  5
      Good value for money

      I did purchase their lifetime deal, I was skeptic at first but they seem to be pretty decent. I did put in a feature request for split tunneling. The app is easy to use and simplistic but the look of it can do with a refresh.

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